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Realtor/Prospective Buyer FAQs

FAQ for Realtors and Prospective Purchasers

Q Does La Cebadilla Estates allow short-term rentals?

A No. Rentals are allowed, but only for a term of 30 days or longer.
Q. I am considering purchasing a property in La Cebadilla Estates, but I want to build
something new on the property, ie horse facilities, a guest house, or even a main house. Can I
obtain approval for my proposed construction prior to purchase?

A. Unfortunately we do not have the bandwidth to pre-approve construction plans. Please
review the extensive provisions in the Deed Restrictions regarding improvements to properties
for information on what is acceptable.
Q Do you charge a transfer fee in connection with purchases?

A. Yes we do. The amount is $350 and is paid through escrow. Whether the buyer or seller pays
is determined by the purchase agreement.
Q. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

A.  President@cebadilla.org
Q. Is the Lake accessible to realtors and prospective purchasers?

A. You are welcome to observe the Lake from the side of the road, but we ask that you do not
enter the Lake property.